Good Day Clanmates

This is my first user blog on our wiki page and I am excited about both writing it and the content.

Yesterday was July 4th, 2012, an important day in our History. We reached our long sought after goal of having a Teir 7 Citadel.

Yesterday, I had told Kodi66 to add 2 plots and the dragon to our build upgrades because i knew that Thadeus100, who normally does this was going to be out of town and so was I for the day. What I did not realize is that we DO have a choice in the Dragon Color. And so there was some confusion about that and Kodi did the best she could on deciding the color. When I got on, I found out about us haveing a choice and deleted the build upgrade of dragon until I can decide which dragon we are going to have in our Wonderful New Teir 7 Citadel.

So, Until I can decide on how I am going to decide about the dragon, Which I plan on making some kind of decision about this no later than Sunday July 8,2012, there will not be a dragon added to our upgrade yet.

I want to thank all of you for all the hard work that has went into the Citadel over the past year. And everyone it has been almost exactly a year since Citadels came out in Runescape. The release date for them was July 26th 2011. So it has really been an exciting year for our clan.

Here is pictures of the different color dragons that I have the choice to decide from. Too bad they dont have a nice Pink.(lol)

Thanks guys,