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    Good Day Clanmates

    This is my first user blog on our wiki page and I am excited about both writing it and the content.

    Yesterday was July 4th, 2012, an important day in our History. We reached our long sought after goal of having a Teir 7 Citadel.

    Yesterday, I had told Kodi66 to add 2 plots and the dragon to our build upgrades because i knew that Thadeus100, who normally does this was going to be out of town and so was I for the day. What I did not realize is that we DO have a choice in the Dragon Color. And so there was some confusion about that and Kodi did the best she could on deciding the color. When I got on, I found out about us haveing a choice and deleted the build upgrade of dragon until I can decide which dragon we are going to hav…

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