Clan Crest

"To thine own self be true... Then to thy clan mates be true"Edit


Familia Prima, Familia Eterna

On Runescape, everyone needs a family.  That is what we are.  The people in Lake of Rune are hardworking and loyal.

The word loyal means being dedicated to the clan and steadfast in your convictions. We follow Jagex rules and have a good time doing it.  We are a very diverse clan and do many different things.  We have PvP, PvM and many skillers.

For those of you in the clan, thank you for being a part of something so great.  It takes every one of you to make this clan what it is.  For those of you who are new or who want to visit us, I am sure you are the lost piece of the puzzle that we have been looking for.


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