Our Clan has meetings arranged once every month. This does not count rank meetings or recruit meetings. If you cannot come to a meeting, please, read our forum page that is called Summary of the meeting and date of meeting. Please sign it afterwards. It is of great importance that everyone either come to meeting or sign that summary. We all need to know what is going on in our clan.

Recruit meetings are short meetings with anyone new to clan or with the rank of recruit. You must come to this meeting to be qualified to gain ranks. There are a few other requirements to get to the rank of corporal. Please read more about that on our clan forum page.

Rank meetings are meetings i have with my admins and higher. We discuss clan business and how to handle the rare problem. Mostly its an excuse to talk.

So, as of now, that is the 3 types of meetings that Lake of Rune has. If there are any questions, my in game name is ladyolake.