• Parsonsda

    The weekend Beta Event is Coming!


    From 4pm Friday 20th July to 10am Monday 23rd July (BST)!


    Attend to the Soul Wars activity.


    Week 3 of 4 for unlocking the Mad Scientist outfit.

    Past Events:

    • July 6-9 - One complete game of Castle Wars
    • July 13-16 - This task was not required to unlock a piece of the outfit, although players could join in a boss-killing event.
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  • Lakeofruneleader

    Good Day Clanmates

    This is my first user blog on our wiki page and I am excited about both writing it and the content.

    Yesterday was July 4th, 2012, an important day in our History. We reached our long sought after goal of having a Teir 7 Citadel.

    Yesterday, I had told Kodi66 to add 2 plots and the dragon to our build upgrades because i knew that Thadeus100, who normally does this was going to be out of town and so was I for the day. What I did not realize is that we DO have a choice in the Dragon Color. And so there was some confusion about that and Kodi did the best she could on deciding the color. When I got on, I found out about us haveing a choice and deleted the build upgrade of dragon until I can decide which dragon we are going to hav…

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  • Parsonsda

    Lake of Rune Rules

    June 28, 2012 by Parsonsda

    We may be a clan but we are still a part of the overall Runescape Community.

    This ruins the game for others, it also leaves a bad impression on new clan members and guests. Take it to a friends chat or private chat.

    The golden Rule goes along with this-"Do unto others as you would have done unto you." Be nice to each other and help each other. This does not mean hand someone your best armor and 10 mil. It means exactly what it says, be helpful and respectful in clan chat.

    Respect for me as clan owner and my high ranked members, as leaders of this clan is important. We know what is going on in the clan and when we say to stop a conversation, i expect you to stop. If you feel you were wrongly asked to stop a conversation, the appropriate respon…

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